“Hip hop culture has acted as a vessel for peace education ever since the time of its conception.  Adept in subjects as diverse as math, history, science, psychology, art, sociology and philosophy, hip hop extends a critical lens to identify the deviancy of a so-called civilized society.  Likewise, hip hop is obliged to challenge any action by its own that is unnatural.  Hip hop cannot be equated with an art form, as such does not acknowledge its true essence. Hip hop must be recognized in the context of its culture.  As hip hop declares, “each one must teach one,” hip hop projects a position through the body of its community.  Hip hop is pedagogy.  Hip hop is a practice in perfection.  Hip hop is not a theory or action, not “HIP” or “HOP”, but the two as one.  Hip hop is a praxis. Just as peace education, hip hop rejects the idea that our culture or remedy is to be found outside of our self.  The two see that it’s the individual who is the center point catalyst effecting all major changes within one’s self condition.  From the Boogie Down to Cape Town, from Tamare to Chiapas and Guate, hip hop celebrates one cosmic culture of peace, love, unity and having fun.  In the classroom, in the prison complex, through brain waves and sound waves that reach out to outer galaxies, hip hop has ever been and ever will be a chamber that was made for critical pedagogy.  It is this culture that has raised a generation that rests on one premise; that is freedom, justice and equality through knowledge of self and of all that pertains to self throughout the cosmos. Hip Hop and The Art of Peace Education provides analysis in the area of six educational subjects, the six petals of peace education and outlines five final project interventions in response to the analysis. The purpose of this document is to inspire artists, activists, educators, students and academics in ways that hip hop may be accessed within a classroom or community so to achieve critical thinking and action.  Whether you’re an educator unfamiliar with the culture, a student, a hip hopper, academic or activist, I encourage you to share this book in class, to draw up your own lessons from its content, to inspire critical thinking and at that be the first there to say, “The real hip hop is over HERE!”” To Order this 200 pg. book, complete the contact form onsite or order now!


4 thoughts on “Books

  1. Your advocacy for Hip Hop and what it truly means reminds me of why it hurt and feels good at the same when I connect to the idea of our art form. I love Hip Hop and it comes with joys and pains. That within itself is liberating isn’t it? Great piece Jes.

  2. Peace and Respect!

    I found wonderful your book! Congratulations!
    I am b.boy and social educator in Brazil, how do I get it?
    You spotted on FB and requested their friendship … If you can accept would be grateful!


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