A One on One Innerview with Detroit Supa Sista Emcee Njeri Earth

Supa Sista Njeri Earth 1-On-1 Interview With Brother Tony Muhammad

Hip Hop Educator

By Tony Muhammad


insidecover Supa Sista Emcee Njeri Earth

Recently I caught up with the phenomenal indie emcee Njeri Earth and discussed her latest album project Return of the Supa Sista, the current climate of the country and what important strategies Hip Hop artists and the “conscious” community must take part in order to help improve the condition of our communities.

TM: Peace dear Sister! Prior to Return of the Supa Sista you were involved in several indie projects, featured on “Beneath the Surface” by the Gza in 1999 as well as an emcee cipher scene in the movie “8 Mile” in 2002. What makes this album project different from all the others you have done thus far?

NE: I’m a mother of two sets of twins and two teenage young men during the creation of this album. I never had that many children and this much responsibility during any point of my…

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