Open Letter To America Regarding Philando Castille


"They are here to assassinate us. They are here to kill us, because we are black." -Diamond Reynolds

The heartbreak. The injustice. The senseless loss of life. Why did an unnamed officer shoot to kill Philando Castille? Why was Diamond Reynolds held in a jail cell — after her little girl was the only one with the good sense to console her? Why does the system insist to carry her off to control her? While the assassinating officer remained free to walk, like George Zimmerman; uncharged and now out on paid leave, with no sentencing. But, just because this is not an unusual scenario within The United States, does not mean America should idly stand by during these crimes of hate. We can not allow ourselves to be desensitized by THE GENOCIDE OF BLACK LIVES. While the primary victim, all humanity is dehumanized; under this tyrannical system of BLACK extermination, as it seems to me, Diamond was correct when she made her statement. That American Police Officers are trained to assassinate and kill, “Because we are BLACK”. But, why are BLACK LIVES and BLACK MEN under attack? Is it because BLACK is the Original Color of Creation, and civilization somehow forgot the Wisdom of the Ancients? Or because BLACK is the color of Space, would have Superior Spaceships? Is it because “Black doesn’t crack” that White America is obsessed with facelifts? I could go on, but I am more so tired of the fake-ness. This obsolete garbage in the tabloids is base-less. We need the power of our minds and heart combined, Genius-Creatives! We need real solutions to our problems, because we cannot take this. We need reparations, yes, and restoration to cease the conflict. If you have white privilege it’s passed time to recognize it for what it is — and take your stand to STOP IT. This is not about me, but if we must pause to address the topic, it’s true my blood is European, but it’s also African in droplets; and I was not raised to praise or be obedient to lighter hues, see that’s the devil’s work, to poison minds with racist views; and I refuse for I can see The Light in Him (or) Her and You; and the issues’s black and white — it’s life or death, it’s IQ. America imagine what life looks like with roles reversed. If White Lives were criminalized, disenfranchised and cursed. Would they feel safe when killed for minor equipment violations? If they were held without warrant and coerced to change their account in interrogations? Would they feel — that their lives mattered? Or would they feel trapped in a matrix? Still bonded, branded and chained across a transcontinental slave-ship? America, as we are? This nation can never be great it, suffers too much the consequence of covert and overt racists. The apologies are needed, but not so much as the real changes. America should be one family and no more like distant strangers. Sufiyah Yasmine 7/15/2016 @earthsaylove

Philando Castille FULL Press Conference Minnesota, July 7, 2016 #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeOrElse

Livestream after the unlawful police killing of Saint Paul, MN Nutritional Specialist Philando Castille



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