Muhammad Ali and His Meaning to The Hip Hop Nation

Muhammad Ali and His Meaning to The Hip Hop Nation by Brother Tony Muhammad

Hip Hop Educator

By Tony Muhammad

Can you blame my generation, subjected gentrification,

Depicting their frustrations over ill instrumentation

Cause music is the way to convey to you what I’m facing,

Placing my life in front of your eyes for your observation

Now if you can’t relate then maybe you are too complacent,

Athletes today are scared to make Muhammad Ali statements – Nas – “My Generation” by Damion Marley (featuring Nas)

ali-Cropped-671x377In the beginning of June, the world experienced the loss of one of its most beloved personalities not just in the area of sports, but in life itself, who most notably demonstrated through his example how to stand for justice in a world that is antithetical to its true ideals and practice. That personality is none other than Muhammad Ali. Many artists in Hip Hop have historically been inspired by his boldness and heroism to stand up, speak to power…

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