Alegria Nica Commemorates 3X Champion Alexis Aguello

11713759_10203156661756055_8108110719907003997_oJuly 1st, 2015 marked the sixth anniversary of the transition of The Three Time World Champion Boxer, Mayor, mentor and friend, Alexis Arguello. While most of the community celebrates The US Independence Day, Alegria Nica commissioned the famous Muralist Archie Nica, to complete a mural of Alexis in time for the weekend commemoration. Artists and friends gathered and passed a mic to express their love and remembrance of the great friend and community leader. Darwing “Zulu King Image” Flores, a Nicaraguanse community leader, collaborated with Archie Nica in this commemoration, contributing commemorative Nokcaut Magazines’ full feature on Alexis, dated August 2009. Stay tuned for forth coming community events, in collaboration with Alegria Nica. ♡

Saylove, Periodismo Nacional con Calidad Internacional, Reportera con el Sindicato de Medios de Comunicación de Nicaragua, y Artista Internacional @earthsaylove


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