Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2015 Temple of Hip Hop MIA


Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2015 Temple of Hip Hop MIA

Wednesday May 20th Desire 1 of The Temple of Hip Hop (founded by hip hop legend KRS One) and Brimstone of P.A.T.H. (“Preserving, Archiving and Teaching Hip Hop”) co-hosted an event at the 004 Connec in Wynwood. 2015 marked the fifth annual Hip Hop Appreciation Week celebrated in Miami, Florida. Collaborators included DJ Juanton of Scratch Academy, Zulu King Image, Almighty Chillski (The Universal Zulu Nation Miami Chapter elders) and also emcees Saylove and Soulflower.

This all ages event opened its doors to the public from 6 until 10 PM. Hip Hop Summer Academy Alumni graced the dance floor both in and outdoors. Trivia games created by P.A.T.H. were played to educate the crowd in hip hop history. Live graffiti painting, deejays, b-boys, emcees, community leaders and all contributed to the positive atmosphere of intergenerational knowledge sharing. Present were mothers and daughters, sons, uncles and nieces. Discussions of those in attendance highlighted importance of building strong families and communities, to lead children and families in the right direction, rights of passage, leadership, community outreach and raising awareness. ♡

The Temple of Hip Hop, established by KRS One in 1996, sprawled out of his earlier work in the “Stop The Violence” movement. 2015 marked the 17th anniversary of Hip Hop Appreciation Week with the theme, “Character”, asking what is your character and why? Understanding your character enables you to refine it, to be the best version of you! Stay tuned for additional events by T.O.H.H., P.A.T.H. and Zulu Nation. Check out The Hip Hop Summer Academy, July 6th through August 7th. http://www.pathtohiphop.org

Saylove, Periodismo Nacional con Calidad Internacional, Reportera con el Sindicato de Medios de Comunicación de Nicaragua, y Artista Internacional @earthsaylove www.hiphop.global/foundation


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