Camara de Comercio Pequeña Habana Reunion May 2015


Camara de Comercio Pequeña Habana

On Tuesday May 19th, 2015, The Little Havana Chamber of Commerce held a meeting with Mayor Tomas P. Regalado and Miami District Commissioners to announce The City of Miami’s decision to place one million dollars into the development of Miami’s Historic Little Havana neighborhood. Law enforcement, government officials, organization leaders and school teachers were among those in attendance. After presenting the plan, commissioners held a Q & A to address members concerns. Questions surrounded issues such as the need for artists and schools to be invested in and for halfway houses to rehabilitate its inmates rather than allow them to pour unwanted drugs and crime back into Little Havana’s streets. To paraphrase, it may be said that the neighborhood is both loved and feared, revered yet rejected. With the city investing in Little Havana, community members would like to ensure that the district’s image is one that is welcoming to all families, children and tourists alike.

Little Havana Chamber of Commerce Board Member Darwing “Zulu King Image” Flores spoke with law enforcement about his work in the community to reform children out of the streets and out of gangs into his organization’s activities, such as their FREE dance classes at 1155 SW 6th St. Image emphasized the need for the city to invest in the youth, and in their activities, as the youth will be the future and what will come of Little Havana.

Saylove, Periodismo Nacional con Calidad Internacional, Reportera con el Sindicato de Medios de Comunicación de Nicaragua, y Artista Internacional @earthsaylove


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