Check out my new album Jazzy Peoples Pt. 1 LIVE on iTunes!

unnamedCheck out my new album Jazzy Peoples Pt. 1 distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes! PREVIEW THE EP –> HERE!

Peace Family,  Originally I was to put Jazzy Peoples Pt. 1 & 2 together to coincide with 2 perfect pieces of vinyl, but I decided to put the digital copies out as 2 EP’s. Here’s the 1st! Cop it and stay tuned for Jazzy Peoples Pt. 2.

I gotta give a major shout out to everyone who assisted in the fruition of this EP. Vennard Rose and Jay Caron for the added flava on two cuts, Sev-One, Gee Rock and The Duke for their stellar production, Bob Jameson of Lost Cabin Recording Studio and Federico Hencker of Green Road Recording Studio in Costa Rica (I can’t wait to come back home!) and Danielle Harker for the unexpected album art featuring John Blaze (love you)! You’re all incredible in your own right – and I’m grateful to have collaborated with such great, humble and diverse of a people!

To everybody reading this and whoever has downloaded the EP, thanks for your support in bringing my artistry to life! I have sojourned a great distance and yet have so far to go! Stay tuned for new gems by way of Jazzy Peoples Pt. 2! Download, share, rate and review!

It sounds real nice and as always, you may preview on iTunes before purchase. Hit me up to purchase physical copies. Subscribe onsite, follow on twitter and comment with any questions or feedback! Thanks a 93 Million for your support! ♡

Sincerely Yours,

Jazzy Peoples Pt. 1


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