Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Hektek, Good Life October 26th


On Saturday, October 26th, 2013 Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Hektek performed at Good Life Bar in Cambridge in collaboration with Boston’s DJ Nomadik. Among those in attendance were Zulu’s DJ Ruckus, Mr. Wizard, Jason, BeOn Pt, MC Spice, Cashawna Shakir, Zulu King Supreme, Load 7even, Zulu Warrior Bilal and Saylove. Good Life was decorated with cobwebs and skeletons, in tune with the coming week’s All Hallows Eve holiday. The room filled to a comfortable capacity as everybody got down to the sounds of The Father of The Electro Funk Sound.

At this meeting Mr. Wizard, Regional Director of the Northeast Region and Canada, asked Saylove if she was available to take on leadership in Zulu Nation. She relayed to Mr. Wizard that she was only going to be in Boston for a few months until her return to her school in Costa Rica where she had been building a chapter with community leaders and international peace scholars since 2008. She also stated that some hip hoppers in San Jose had reached out to her in September asking for help with becoming members. Mr. Wizard asked Saylove to assist Zulu King Ruckus in organizing the northeast region until her physical return to Costa Rica when she would take on administrative work for The Central American Regions, to which Saylove agreed.

Saylove, Periodismo Internacional con UPEACE Peace & Conflict Monitor @earthsaylove


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