1. I have not done violence 2. I have not stolen 3. I have not done unlawful killing nor harm 4. I have not stolen food 5. I have not swindled offerings/donations 6. I have not acted deceitfully 7. I have not told lies 8. I have not wasted food 9. I have not caused anyone or anything unjust pain 10. I have not closed my ears to the truth 11. I have not committed adultery 12. I have not caused anyone grief by way of injustice. 13. I have not committed fornication nor lain with others of my same sex 14. I have not engaged in unlawful degrading speech 15. I have not laid waste to the ploughed land 16. I have not stolen anyone’s land 17. I have not been an eavesdropper/gossiper 18. I have not falsely accused anyone 19. I have not committed a transgression against my own value system 20. I have not seduced anyone’s wife 21. I have not polluted myself 22. I have not terrorized anyone 23. I have not polluted the earth 24. I have not acted without self control 25. I have not cursed the Creator 26. I have not caused unjust grief to others 27. I have not caused Disruption of peace 28. I have not acted hastily or without reason and thought 29. I have not overstepped the boundaries of my rights 30. I have not unlawfully exaggerated my words when speaking 31. I have not worked injustice 32. I have not used unjust thoughts words nor deeds 33. I have not polluted the water 34. I have not spoken angrily nor arrogantly without purpose 35. I have not unjustly cursed anyone in thoughts, words , and deeds 36. I have not unlawfully placed myself on a pedestal 37. I have not spoken scornfully in an unjust manner 38. I have not stolen from nor disrespected the deceased 39. I have not unlawfully taken food from a child 40. I have not acted with insolence by way of injustice 41. I have not unjustly slaughtered animals 42. I have not violated natural law.


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