Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education — Acknowledgements


Toward the completion of this document, foremost I thank Producer Professor Marvin J. “G-Riot” Gladney for his vision, encouragement, and his own work in the field of hip hop and academia. To Professor Joseph Grange, The Philosophy Department of The University of Southern Maine, The League of Young Voters and to WMPG College Radio thank you for preparing me for my Masters in Peace Education.
Further, I am grateful to The United Nations Mandated University for Peace, especially to my Advisor Virginia Cawagas, Vice Rector Amr Abdallah and to Human Rights Professor Alicia Cabezudo. Special thanks to The Peace Education and UPEACE class of 2009, 2010, Francisca, Jessica, Kenneth, Juan, Yvonne, also Michelle, Rasheed, Maria and all the family who were present for the time of my writing.
To D.J. Mark Luv, Sticman, Bless Roxwell, Lin Que, AtLas’, Mecca Simeus, Emmanuel Jal, Lynx Garcia, Immortal Technique, Queen Yonasda, Jasiri X and Paradise Gray, I thank you for participating in this critical academic project. To Transcend: Art Peace Network and to Olivier Urbain, I thank you for your collaborative academic writing and research on music and art for conflict transformation and peace, internationally.
Thanks to The Universal Zulu Nation, Bam, Big Jeff, Lord Tawfiyq, New York City, Boston, Insight, Shinski, Sev-One, Derek Simmons, Brick City, Atlanta, Adeeb Shabazz, MC Lyte, The Duke, The NTR’s, The Healers, The Truth Seekers, Yolanda, Christine, Marcy, Lisset, Portland, Maine, John Robinson, J-Rawls, Dr. Christopher Emdin, Hip Hop Ed, Beautiful See Asia, AQBAM, Sara Kruzan, Free Sara Kruzan and Earth, Air, Water, Fire for invoking me here in this form.
Note: Please email or call to make arrangements (or follow the instructions on the store page) to place your order. We’re working out the most affordable rates to print up this book to get it in the hands of high school and university classrooms. Thanks for your interest and support! ❤ ♥

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