Trayvon Martin — Why So Much Attention?


March 25, 2012

My Brother Adeeb Shabazz posed the question:  Why is the media and why are the people giving so much attention to the case of Trayvon Martin as opposed to making a great fuss over black on black [intra-racial] crimes? Alright. Fair question, Adeeb. I will have my go at answering this. Well, I can only presume why the mainstream media is milking the cow, but as for myself, I’ll tell you why the violent, premature and tragic departure of Trayvon Martin strikes a deep, and an aching chord.

While I take issue with almost any homicide, youth homicide is a serious cause for concern. But what brings attention to this case for me is, that the execution was committed by an informant, a wanna be cop, perpetuating the lived experience that US law enforcement and their informants are given a most severe leniency in the face of evidences weighing against them, beyond corruption, while innocent people are prejudged as guilty without there being a shred of evidence. The fact that Trayvon was underage lends the impression that he was all the more so vulnerable, thus he ought to have been protected by the US legal system. If not by that, by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. But as we know too well, such protections and considerations were not granted to Trayvon Martin. Just as — they are seldom ever granted to any underserved people.

The race of the informant George Zimmerman is not the issue. However, gender and race undoubtedly play a significant role in law enforcement. For those who need a recap, we’re talking about a man (if that’s what you can all him) who murdered a ‘black’ youth and was escorted home by police that night, without ever being placed into custody. Here, I asked the people around me, do you think the police would have arrested Zimmerman if it had been a ‘white’ woman, ‘white’ child or man, that Zimmerman had stalked and shot down? Experience reveals to us, time and again, that class, gender and race are not weighed on any scale of justice by law enforcement who consider who they’ll choose to incriminate via making an arrest. Still, there are MANY people who do not realize the corruption of law enforcement regarding it’s ploy of class, gender and race. To them I say AWAKEN!

To be sure, the “Stand Your Ground” Florida law, approved in 2005 has been copied in some way by about 30 states, providing a loophole for those in fear of losing their lives to use deadly force without attempting to retreat from a confrontation. This law has been central to the reasoning as to why Zimmerman has never been arrested. While something must be done to revise the callousness of this law, I could place good money on it that this loophole works for and against persons of a certain class, gender and race, ONLY. As Brother Amby Warhol points out, below, the “Stand Your Ground” law enabling one to protect his or herself when his or her life is endangered should’ve protected Trayvon. It ought to have been the duty and responsibility of the informant to protect and serve his fellow human being, not to shoot or to murder an innocent, angered or fearful young one.

Intra-racial crime is an issue in itself. There’s the idea that people of a particular culture or race are responsible to police their own. In this way, it’s only when a person outside of that culture commits an offense that the legal system is looked to for how they favor each party as they intervene. Have we spoken loud ENOUGH when it comes to violence within our own families, culture and communities? Have we too quietly accepted intra-cultural violence being that we don’t expect outsiders to police any of our behavior toward each other? Perhaps we have spoken out LOUD; though perhaps some of us HAVE NOT. No less, this does nothing to ECLIPSE our issues regarding both white supremacy and police brutality as here committed by the informant George Zimmerman. Many of us are now waking up, everyday, thinking about the return to the essence of Trayvon Martin and the injustice in a world where a man who’s hands are stained in blood is walking away, FREE.

Is this a breaking point to consider a complete overhaul of the so-called justice system? Would a format of restorative justice that focuses on honesty as opposed to salaries be a better approach to resolving our social-political ills? To conclude, as Adeeb asked, why is the mainstream media giving so much attention to this case of MURDER? Is this some form of fear based mind control and what as a collective can we do NOW to combat the existence of institutionalized white supremacy, police brutality and RACISM? Let’s organize and make reparations TODAY for all indigenous peoples of this planet so-called earth. Peace to Adeeb Shabazz, Wise Intelligent and Jasiri X.

Saylove प्यार

Update:  It was not until much later that I was able to read Zimmerman’s account of what went down. From my understanding, it’s possible that Trayvon Martin may’ve confronted Zimmerman, upon realizing he was being followed. I’ve had to do the same. I pretended I was about to throw cinderblocks one time when I was about to be abducted by some guy who had been stalking me around town in his car. So, I can understand if something like this did happen. Yet, I never saw Zimmerman display any sign of true feeling or remorse regarding the events that led up to Trayvon’s premature death. How could an innocent man be without remorse or even want to be acquitted for such grave actions?  It is a far cry from order and JUSTICE that George Zimmerman was deemed innocent on the spot, without consideration to the life of Trayvon Martin. Something tells us, that this simply would not be the case if the class, gender and race roles had been otherwise. PEACE. ☥


2 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin — Why So Much Attention?

  1. I believe that we get caught up in the assumption that we are not “outraged” and do not respond the same way when he victim and perpetrator(s) is black. In black communities all across the country we march, protest and beseech young people to “stop the violence.” We set up mentoring programs for the youth as well as matriculation programs for youth coming out of penal systems trying to re-acclamate themselves to school and community. The difference is that in the case of Trayvon Martin, just like Sean Bell, Kiwane Carrington and many others THERE WAS NO ARREST – and that when the murderer is known and not eluding authorties.

    In our communities [mine in particular] there have been some very horrible and disgusting crimes committed against life, however, the community assissted in identifying the perpetrators. Some of whom entered into witness protection programs to see that justice went forth. I don’t buy the assumption that we ARE NOT as concerned and active in confronting intra-communal violence. Every murderer of innocent children in my neighborhood (mostly due to stray-bullets and crossfire) have went to jail. Have been convicted and are serving time. THIS IS DIFFERENT! This exemplifies a “MIS-CARRIAGE” of justice as they say. IN FACT, Trayvon Martin’s case is not a “mis-carriage” of justice, IT IS AN “ABORTING” OF JUSTICE!

  2. Just read your update. You present an interesting thought when you mention what a person may do when they feel they are being threatened. In that respect, Stand Your Ground could have, and should have worked in favor of Mr. Martin, being how he was the one officially being followed or in fear of his life by Zimmerman in direct disobedience of the Authorities before any possible threat to Zimmerman could occur. In either case, the desire to want to defend yourself when you feel threatened is natural. The idea that Zimmerman’s only justification is that he was black is sad.

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