The greatest sin GOSSIP.  The greatest crippler FEAR.  The greatest mistake GIVING UP.  The most satisfying experience DOING YOUR DUTY FIRST.  The best action KEEP THE MIND CLEAR AND THE JUDGMENT GOOD. The greatest blessing GOOD HEALTH.  The biggest fool THE MAN WHO LIES TO HIMSELF.  The greatest gamble SUBSTITUTING HOPE FOR FACTS. The most certain joy in life CHANGE.  The greatest joy BEING NEEDED.  The cleverest man THE ONE WHO DOES WHAT HE THINKS IS RIGHT.  The most potent force POSITIVE THINKING.  The greatest opportunity THE NEXT ONE.  The greatest victory VICTORY OVER SELF.  The greatest handicap EGOTISM.  The most expensive indulgence HATE.  The most dangerous man THE LIAR.  The most ridiculous trait FALSE PRIDE.  The greatest loss LOSS OF SELF-CONFIDENCE.  The greatest need COMMON SENSE.

Respect others rights as you want yours to be respected.  YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to put yourself first some times, to ask for help or emotional support, to protest unfair treatment or criticism, to your own opinions and convictions, to make mistakes until you get it right, to let someone solve her/his own problems, to say “thank you, no” “excuse me, no”, to disregard the advice of others and follow your own, to be by yourself even when others want your company, to your own feelings whether they make sense to others or not, to change your mind or choose a different course of action, to negotiate for changes when the arrangements don’t work for you.

IT’S NEVER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be 100% perfect, to follow the crowd, to love destructive people, to please unpleasant people, to apologize for being yourself, to drain your strength for others, to feel guilty about what you desire, to put up with unpleasant situations, to sacrifice your integrity for anyone, to remain in an abusive relationship, to do more than you have time to do, to do something you really cannot do, to conform to unreasonable demands, to give what you really don’t want to give, to bear the burden of another [persons] misbehavior, to give up who you are for anybody or anything.   (Universal Zulu Nation, 20th Century A.D.).



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