Earth Saylove Mission

Hip Hop and The Art of Peace Education by Earth Saylove the text based on her masters thesis will soon be available in print for peace educators and students! ♥

Critical Pedagogy

Peace education is a specialization in the field of education and in the field of peace studies that challenges the content, form and structure of traditional institutions, accessing formal, non-formal and informal education to raise critical consciousness and to transform a culture of war into a culture of peace. Main topics of peace education include education for human rights, disarmament, environmental care, multicultural education, attitudes and values education and personal peace. While our programming often engages adults, we aspire to renew elementary and secondary education via implementing critical pedagogy and sustainable practices within our own schools and communities, worldwide.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is the constant conception of collective well being. This discipline is personal as well as it is social, environmental and economic. Sustainable practices include nutritional therapy, voluntary simplicity, responsible consumerism, local organic farming, composting, recycling, the manufacture of holistic fabrics, the innovation and supply of renewable energy sources and the construction of sustainable architecture. Sustainability leaves a low carbon imprint and facilitates these practices for the greatest good of all people. While critical pedagogy encompasses all theories & practices for a culture of peace, sustainability lends itself to a practice of peace in one’s day to day and collective activities on this physical plane.

Music for a Culture of Peace

Saylove Music supplies music, art and entertainment to create and inspire personal and collective activities for peace, internationally. Whether we address specific issues of conflict, or simply move your spirit, these works consider all of the above pathways and seek to illustrate a true evolution and process of peace. These works include music and art therapy, original music compositions, international collaborations, works with youth, refugees, prison inmates, dance therapy, yoga, popular works for major audiences, radio archives, new radio programming, as well as academic books and chapters based on our collaborative research on the impact of art and music on peace, internationally.

© 2012. Earth Saylove. All Rights Reserved. ♥


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