United Nations World Leaders To Resolve World Conflicts


On August 18th, 2008 I arrived in San Jose and Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica to embark on my next big adventure as an ambassador of world peace. After completing a BA Degree in Philosophy in 2007, I contemplated whether to move to NY to commit myself to making hip hop music full-time, or to find a MA Program in Human Rights, to balance activism with music. As I looked for my program in human rights in an international setting, I stumbled upon The United Nations Mandated University for Peace with its headquarters in El Rodeo, Costa Rica. Every program looked amazing and I was torn between Media, Peace & Conflict Studies and Peace Education. Because I felt education is the key to eradicating structural violence, I decided upon the latter. A few months later, I received my acceptance letter. After hard work overtime, to save for my move overseas, I took a one way flight.

Stay tuned as I develop a MA project to dismantle world conflicts through the elements of hip hop. MA Program in Peace Education, 2008-2009. Saylove, Periodismo Internacional con UPEACE Peace & Conflict Monitor. www.monitor.upeace.org  @earthsaylove www.earthsaylove.wordpress.com 


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