Deejay Saylove (of EARTH SAYLOVE INC. and JAZZY PEOPLES PUBLISHING) is an artist-activist working in collaboration with WJZP Jazz Portland (and The University of Southern Maine’s Department of Media Studies) to produce radio covering SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES within a soundscape of JAZZ | SALSOUL | R&B | & HIPHOP. ♥ Emcee. Speaker. Poor Righteous Teacher. Musicologist. Composer. Radio Producer.

She was named an “Honorary International Artist” of Nicaragua in 2014, where she holds a License with the Union of Mass Media. Say completed writing “Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education” in 2012, after her first MA at The UN Mandated International University for Peace Studies, in 2009. She is featured on releases in the US and Japan — and is well received in the underground hip hop community, worldwide.

Her extensive work in communications dates back to her position at WTVL KOOL AM in 1991. She was a radio producer, deejay and urban director for WMPG from 2001-2010, as well as a producer, deejay and intern assistant director for WJZP from 2011-present. Her experience in advocacy includes a grassroots campaign to free a survivor of human trafficking, recovering missing children, and preventing CSEC.